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Unrelated old videos are shared as visuals of the recent Turkey earthquake


In the context of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on 06 February 2023, many videos have been circulating online, as visuals of the after-effects of the disaster. In this context, two videos (here and here) claiming to be the visuals of the Turkey earthquake are also being shared on social media. Let’s find the facts behind this claim through this article.

Claim: Visuals of the recent Turkey earthquake.

Fact: Both videos are old and unrelated to Turkey. One was captured in 2011 when Tsunami and earthquake hit Japan. The other one is an incident in Japan in 2016, in which the front panel of a building came off due to heavy winds. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

Video 1:

This video carries a watermark that says ANN News. Taking this as a hint, we looked online for videos of the earthquake visuals published on ANN News. This search led us to an article from 2020 with a link to a YouTube video posted by ‘ANNnewsCH‘, which contained video clips of various places affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. The first clip in this compilation is the exact clip in the viral post. This is being falsely shared as latest visuals from Turkey during the recent earthquake.

Video 2:

To learn more details about the video, we performed a reverse image search on a few keyframes extracted from this video. This search led us to a Facebook post from April 2016 containing the same video.

According to the post’s description, this incident took place in Japan. Further search on the internet led us to a news report from 2016, according to which the facade or the front panel of an under-construction building in Tama, Tokyo crashed due to heavy winds. This news report also contains the visuals of this collapse from a different angle, which you can see here.

To sum up, both the videos being shared as the visuals of the Turkey earthquake are old and filmed during different incidents in Japan.


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