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This video is a recreated version of Pakistani murder convict Abdul Waheed’s interview


A video is being shared on social media, which is apparently an interview of a person who killed four people. The convict appears in a jail costume with the number 302 printed on the T-shirt, representing the IPC section 302. In the video, the convict says that he killed four people. Let’s fact-check this video.

Claim: Interview of a Muslim man who killed four people.

Fact: This video contains audio from a viral interview of a Pakistani murderer Abdul Waheed. This video is a parody or recreated version of the original interview. Bits of Abdul’s interview given to AAJ Digital, has been shared multiple times on social media as shorts and WhatsApp status videos. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We have performed a reverse image search using a few screenshots from the video, which yielded no relevant information. Upon searching on the internet with multiple combinations of keywords, we found an interview (here) with a man who killed four persons in Pakistan. Shot at the Peshawar central jail, this viral interview was uploaded on a YouTube channel called Daily AAJ Digital, which belongs to the news outlet Daily AAJ.

In the almost 8-minute-long clip, Abdul Waheed explains that he has killed four persons with his gun and is punished under section 302. The viral post uses the lines spoken by Abdul, and the interviewer from this interview (0:56,1:35) with background music. The video in this post is a recreation of a lip-sync version of the original interview with Abdul Waheed and not a real interview of a Muslim man who killed four persons. There is also a similar video with different actors on YouTube containing the audio from Waheed’s interview. This video can be watched here. Upon further research, Factly has noticed multiple social media videos with bits from this interview. Some of those videos can be watched here, here and here. The interviewer of the original video, Fida Adeel, made a review video on the original interview and explained his interaction with Waheed and why the video went viral, which can be watched here.

To summarise, the video shared in the post shows a recreated version of Pakistani murder convict Abdul Waheed’s interview.


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