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This video does not show robots dancing at Disneyland, Shanghai.


A video shared on social media allegedly shows Chinese-made robots dancing at Disneyland in Shanghai. The post claims that a ticket to watch this five-minute-long dance performance costs 499 yuan, which is 5,600 rupees in Indian currency. Let’s verify the claim made in this post.

Claim: A video of China-made robots performing a classical dance at Disneyland in Shanghai.

Fact: The performers in this video aren’t robots. They are classical dancers Sophia Salingaros and Isha Parupudi. The original version of this viral video of them performing Bharathanatyam was uploaded on a YouTube channel named ‘IndianRaga.‘ Hence the claim made in the post is False.

To learn more details about the video, we performed a keyword search on the internet, leading us to the original video uploaded on Youtube in 2017.

A channel named IndianRaga uploaded this video titled ‘Vahana Alarippu: Bharatanatyam Dance | Best of Indian Classical Dance.‘ The original video is 23 seconds longer than the viral video and has an entirely different audio track. Contrary to the post’s claim, this performance features two classical dancers, Sophia Salingaros and Isha Parupudi. Nowhere in this video’s description was it mentioned that this was performed at Disneyland, Shanghai.

To sum up, this video does not show robots performing classical Chinese dance at Disneyland, Shanghai.


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