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This purported IndiaTV infographic predicting AAP’s victory in Gujarat assembly elections is fake


A purported infographic showing the ‘India TV’ election survey results for the upcoming Gujarat  assembly elections is being widely shared on social media. According to the post, AAP could win 98 out of 182 seats. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Image showing results of opinion polls by India TV for upcoming 2022 Gujarat assembly elections which predicts AAP could win 98 out of 182 seats.

Fact: According to the results of “Desh ki Awaz” survey conducted by IndiaTV in July 2022, if elections were held at that time, BJP would get 108 seats, 55 for Congress, 16 for AAP and 03 for others. The viral image carrying IndiaTV’s logo is fabricated. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We searched the internet with relevant keywords and found a YouTube video uploaded by ‘IndiaTV’ on 30 July 2022. This video reveals “Desh ki Awaaz” survey results for the state of Gujarat. We did not find any other survey results around Gujarat elections published by IndiaTV after this.

According to this survey, if elections were conducted then (30 July 2022) for Gujarat assembly, the results could be as follows:

Party nameWinning seats (182)Vote share (%)

Also, according to the ABP News C-Voter Survey for Gujarat, BJP is likely to get 135-143 seats, whereas AAP could only get 0-2 seats. Even in 2017 election survey, IndiaTV  predicted BJP to win the majority seats in Gujarat state.

To sum it up, this purported IndiaTV’s infographic predicting the victory for AAP in upcoming Gujarat elections is a fake one.


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