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The woman shown in the video is an army officer’s wife, not the wife of IAF pilot Abhinandan


A video is being shared on Facebook with the title ‘Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan’s Wife Request to Modi Government – Don’t play politics’. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

Claim: IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan’s wife requests the Modi government not to politicize the sacrifices of the soldiers

Fact: The woman shown in the video is not IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan’s wife. So, the claim is FALSE.

The woman shown in the video is Sirisha Rao (Boom Live has used advanced searches to find the identity of the woman and contacted her to confirm that she was the one in the video). In the video, she says that she is a wife of an Indian army officer; but Abhinandan is an Indian Air Force Wing Commander. So, it can be concluded that she is not the wife of Abhinandan. Also, she has clarified on her Twitter account that her identity has been forged.

Finally, the video posted on Facebook as Wife of Abhinandan complaining on BJP is false.


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