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The Werewolf in this video is not real, it is created by an artist


A video is being widely shared online claiming that a Werewolf was hit by Pakistan Army on the India-Pakistan Sialkot border. Let us fact-check the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: Video of Werewolf hit by Pakistan Army near India-Pakistan border.

Fact: The Werewolf in the video is not real. It is a work of art by Joseph-Rob Cobasky, who is a freelance SFX sculpture artist and an Art Director from Phoenix, Arizona. The Werewolf was created by Rob Cobasky for a film titled ‘Unsanctified’ by Tremulous Motion Pictures. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

When reverse image search was done on the screenshots of the video, an Instagram post published on 27 November 2020, by robcobasky was found with the same visuals. The Instagram profile reveals that Joseph-Rob Cobasky is a Freelance sculpture artist. In the Instagram account of Joseph-Rob Cobasky, there are several posts featuring the Werewolf. The posts can be seen here and here.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Patti Katter, Joseph Rob Cobasky talks about the intricacies of creating monster sculptures and special effects. According to the description of the video, Joseph Rob Cobasky is a freelance SFX sculpture artist and art director from Phoenix, Arizona; he is mainly acclaimed for his works on The Kiss, Glass Fences, and Space Munchies.

Tremulous Motion Pictures, a television and film production studio, based out of Los Angeles revealed in a tweet that the Werewolf was created by Rob Cobasky, Director of Practical Effects for a film titled ‘Unsanctified’. According to the tweet, the Creator of Werewolf man went viral in Argentina and Brazil when people thought that the monstrous creature was real.

To sum it up, the Werewolf in this video is not real, it is created by an artist.


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