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The video is of Yaxi Expressway in Sichuan of China, not the one linking Pakistan


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with a video of an expressway saying it to be the highway bridge constructed to connect China with Pakistan. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Expressway seen in the video connects China with Pakistan.

Fact: The bridge shown in the video is the 240 km long bridge highway that connects two Chinese cities Ya’an and Xichang in Sichuan Province. Hence the claim is FALSE.

When the video in the post is run through the Invid, several keyframes were obtained. On using Google Reverse Image technique for each keyframe, a certain keyframe directed to the tweet by China’s Xinhua News channel. This tweet embedded a video which describes the expressway. As per the video, the bridge in the video is the 240 km long Yaxi Expressway connecting Ya’an city and Xichang city of Sichuan Province in China.

To sum it up, Yaxi Expressway in Sichuan of China is being falsely shared as the 880 km bridge highway connecting China with Pakistan


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