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The person who fired gunshots in Jafrabad, Delhi is not Anurag Mishra


In the context of Jafrabad violence on February 24th in Delhi, a photo is being shared on Facebook with a claim that a person named ‘Anurag Mishra’ was the one who fired gunshots in Jafrabad, but propagandists are advertising that the shooter’s name as ‘Sharukh’.  Let’s try to find the veracity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: While a person named ‘Anurag Mishra’ is involved in Jafrabad gun shootings on February 24th, some propagandists are sharing that the shooter name is ‘Sharukh’.

Fact: The person who fored gunshots in Jafrabad, Delhi is ‘Mohammed Sharukh’. In one of the photos in the post, he can be seen wearing a ‘red’ shirt. The person who is in the other photos of the post is ‘Anurag Mishra’, and he is not the one involved in Jafrabad shooting. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE

According to an article from the ‘Hindustan Times’, it is understood that on February 24th, a man wearing a red shirt and blue trousers shot his pistol several rounds in Jafrabad, Delhi. A photo of him can also be seen in the article. From a tweet made by ‘ANI’, it is understood that the Delhi police identified the Jafrabad shooter as ‘Mohammed Sharukh’. From another tweet, it is revealed that ‘Mohammed Sharukh’ has been taken into custody by the Delhi police.

When the photo of Jafrabad shooter was juxtaposed with the photos in Anurag Mishra’s Facebook profile, it is clearly understood that both of them are different. From the two photos, the differences related to their eyebrows, eyes, and nose can be clearly noticed.

Also, as his pictures went viral on social media claiming him to be the Jafrabad shooter, Anurag Mishra posted that he will file a police case on people who are sharing false information. He also said the same through a Facebook live.

To summarize, the one who fired gunshots in Jafrabad is not Anurag Mishra.

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