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The person with Kapil Mishra in the photo is not the one involved in the Jafrabad shooting


In the context of shootings in Jafrabad (Delhi), a photo is being shared on Facebook with a claim that the person behind BJP leader Kapil Mishra, in the photo is involved in the attack of anti-CAA protestors in Jafrabad. Let’s try to find the veracity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Person stainding behind BJP leader Kapil Mishra in the photo is the one who fired gun shots at protests in Jafrabad, Delhi.

Fact: The person who was involved in Jafrabad shooting and the person who was with Kapil Mishra is not the same person. While the person who was responsible for shooting is ‘Mohammed Sharukh’, the person with Kapil Mishra in the photo is ‘Rohit Rajput’. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE

According to an article from the ‘Hindustan Times’, it is understood that on February 24, a man wearing a red shirt and blue trousers fired several rounds with a pistol in Jafrabad, Delhi. His picture can also be seen in the article. From a tweet made by ‘ANI’, it is understood that the Delhi police identified the Jafrabad shooter as ‘Mohammed Sharukh’. From another tweet, it is revealed that ‘Mohammed Sharukh’ has been taken into custody by the Delhi police.

The video in which Kapil Mishra demanding police to evict anti-CAA protesters from the protest areas in 3-days can be found here. The photo shared in the post is a screengrab from this video. When the photo of Jafrabad shooter was juxtaposed with the photo of the person behind Kapil Mishra, it can be clearly understood that both are different persons. The difference between their hair, beard and face shape can be noticed in the two photos.

When media agencies contacted Kapil Mishra to know the details of the person in the photo, he said that the person is his follower ‘Rohit Rajput’. When Rohit Rajput’s profile photo from his Facebook account is compared with Mohammed Sharukh’s photo, it can be seen that both are different persons.

To summarize, the person with Kapil Mishra is not involved in the Jafrabad shooting. The shooter’s name is Mohammed Sharukh. 

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