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The “Indian plane shot down” image posted is from a plane crash in 2016


An image is being shared by many pages on Facebook with the title “Indian plane shot down”. Let’s try to analyze whether there is any truth in the image posted on Facebook

Claim: The plane shown in the image is an Indian plane shot down by the Pakistan defense forces

Fact: The image posted is a MIG-27 which crashed in Jodhpur in 2016. So, the claim of it being an Indian plane shot down by the Pakistan defense forces is FALSE.

When the plane number (TU657), which is visible in the image posted, is searched in the Google a link to the NDTV Twitter post on the plane crash can be found. According to the Twitter post, it is a MIG-27 plane which crashed in Jodhpur and the pilots of the plane are found to be alive. Also, if the time stamp of the post is observed, it can be concluded that it is an incident which took place in 2016. So, it is no way related to the recent conflict.

Finally, the image posted on Facebook was taken at a plane crash in 2016.


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  4. If this is false and propaganda like indian claim of targetting 300+ militants, Then How Abhi Nandan jump in Pakistan, Did he came from MARS?? And India have nothing except barking media…..but no proof……
    Stop listening local media…..to know facts just listen to international Media….

  5. It’s not the picture posted by pak army
    Your plane is shot in AJK and your pilot is in Pak custody.
    You know what is a fact that Indian surgical strike was a fake and no more than a crow and few trees killed in that so called“surgical attack”

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