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Teeth whitening foams are effective, but there is no evidence that they strengthen gums


A post is being shared on social media with a video that shows a teeth whitening foam and its effects. The post description reads, ‘It is a herbal combination that helps to strengthen your gums and eliminate all of the stains from your teeth.‘ Let’s verify this claim through this article.

Claim: Teeth whitening foam helps to strengthen your gums and completely eliminate all of the stains from your teeth.

Fact: While it is true that teeth whitening foams work, there is no proof that they strengthen gums. It is recommended that one consults a Dentist before using teeth whitening foams and check for a seal of approval from any reputable dental organisation like the American Dental Association (ADA).

According to Healthline, ‘Teeth whitening refers to a variety of processes that aim to make someone’s natural teeth appear brighter and whiter’. There are various options of teeth whitening available for people to choose from based on the type of stains they have on their teeth. One such option is over-the-counter (OTC) products like teeth whitening toothpaste or foam/mouthwash. According to the Mayoclinic, teeth whitening toothpaste contains ‘special abrasives that gently polish the teeth, Peroxide or other chemicals that help break down or dissolve stains.’ It further mentions that teeth whitening toothpaste can take two to six weeks to make teeth appear whiter when used twice a day.

Research says, ‘ When used following manufacturer’s instructions, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide based tooth whitening is safe and effective. However, as with all dental therapies, there are risks, and practices should be tailored to the needs of each individual patient, based upon type and extent of staining, dietary habits, previous restorations and other intraoral conditions.’

According to the Mayoclinic, manufacturer recommendations should be followed when using teeth whitening products. They further wrote, ‘If you’re considering using a whitening toothpaste, look for a brand that has a seal of approval from a reputable dental organization — such as the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance (also read). This seal indicates that the toothpaste is safe and effective at removing surface stains.’

Healthline states, ‘Consult your dentist on how to use abrasive whitening products safely.’

To check for the details of the product shown in the viral video, we performed a reverse image search which led us to a Pinterest post. This post is an advertisement for a teeth whitening foam and contains the same video as the viral post. Clicking on the link available in the post led us to hopingbd.com, where the product is being sold.

The same product is being sold on amazon with brand names like Luxsea and Lanthome. We searched for the seal of approval on the American Dental Association’s website for these two brands but could not find both these products in the list of ‘teeth whitening products‘ containing ADA’s seal of approval.

To sum up, teeth whitening foams are effective, but you should consult a doctor and check for the seal of approval from organizations like the American Dental Association’s (ADA) before using them.


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