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Raghuram Rajan has clarified that he did not participate in any such IMF webinar session


A message is circulating on social media with a list of key takeaways purportedly from a webinar session of IMF (International Monetary Fund) chaired by Raghuram Rajan. The message claims that Rajan has said that India might escape the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and has suggested the steps to be taken by the Indian Government to improve the country’s economy. But, FACTLY has found that Raghuram Rajan already clarified that he has not participated in any such webinar session conducted by IMF and such message circulating on Indian social media is ‘fake’. Also, on the website of IMF, there is no mention of any such webinar session chaired by Rajan.

Claim Facebook post (archived)
1. Raghuram Rajan LinkedIn Post –
2. IMF website –
3. News article –

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