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Prabhas did not comment on Pathaan’s trailer being displayed on Burj Khalifa


A video on social media claims that actor Prabhas in an alleged recent press conference, said that ‘..It (Pathaan’s trailer playing on Burj Khalifa) is a very beautiful moment; I have never seen such a grand event before…’. This was allegedly his response to a reporter’s question about his reaction after seeing Pathaan’s trailer was displayed on the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Actor Prabhas in a recent press meet lauded Pathaan’s trailer getting displayed on Burj Khalifa.

Fact: There are no news reports on Prabhas’ alleged comments, as claimed in the viral post. The video in the post is edited from an interview of Prabhas with ‘Film Companion’ YouTube channel in 2019. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We performed a keyword search on the internet to see if any news media outlets have uploaded videos or published any news reports on Prabhas’s alleged comments on Pathaan trailer getting displayed on Burj Khalifa. The search results did not lead us to any conclusive evidence to prove that he has indeed made such statements. In the process, we also looked for relevant evidence on his Instagram page, where we could not find any posts in which he made these comments.

Also, to find out the origins of the clip of Prabhas’s press interaction shown in the viral video, we searched for his interview videos on YouTube. This search led us to an interview of his and Shraddha Kapoor with Film Companion in 2019. The viral video contains bits from this interview, starting from 17:42 to 18:02. The viral post contains an edited version of these clips in which mics were added in front of Prabhas, and Pathan’s poster was added in the background.

To sum up, actor Prabhas has not commented anything on Pathaan’s trailer being displayed on Burj Khalifa.


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