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Photos generated using AI Tools are falsely shared as photos of Ayodhya railway station


Some photos of an amazingly beautiful railway station, claiming to be photos of Ayodhya railway station, are going viral on social media. Let’s understand the facts behind this claim through his article. 

Claim: Photos of the Ayodhya Railway Station.

Fact: These are artificial intelligence (AI) generated photos, not those of the real Ayodhya railway station. The Ayodhya railway station is currently being redeveloped and will be reportedly opened in January 2024. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

Firstly, we searched the internet using appropriate keywords to determine whether the railway station was actually opened in Ayodhya on 04 November 2023, but we did not find any information/news reports to substantiate this claim. However, according to the news reports of some prominent media organisations (here, here), it is known that the Ayodhya railway station, which is being redeveloped with the theme of Ayodhya Ram Mandir, will open in January 2024.

 A further search led us to an update released by The Ministry of Railways in July 2023 with some photos showing the progress of the railway station. These photos are not like the viral photos.

After doing a reverse image search to find out more details about the original viral photos, it was found that they were created using artificial intelligence (AI) by social media users named Mohit and Amar (here, here). Speaking to India Today, Mohit said that he made these photos using Bing Image Creator.

Some of the viral photos were created by a person named Amar; these were shared by an X account called Madhya Pradesh Index, crediting Amar.

To sum up, the photos that are going viral are generated using AI tools and are not real photos of Ayodhya station.


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