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Old video of Starlink satellite train is shared as recent visuals from UP’s Farrukhabad


In the context of Starlink satellites spotted in some areas of Uttar Pradesh, a video of a string of bright lights passing through night sky is being widely shared claiming it as recent visuals of Starlink satellites from UP’s Farrukhabad district. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Recent visuals of Starlink satellite train captured in Farrukhabad, UP.

Fact: This video was already uploaded on YouTube on 11 January 2021 by ‘Night Sky’ YouTube channel as “Starlink satellites train seen from Poland”. Though there are several media reports on Starlink spottings in various parts of UP recently, this video is not related to those incidents. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

We ran a reverse image search using keyframes extracted from the viral video and found that the same video with buzzing background sound was uploaded to YouTube on 11 January 2021 by “Night Sky” YouTube channel. The description of the video says, “Starlink satellites train seen from Poland. Starlink is a satellite constellation being constructed by SpaceX in order to provide satellite internet access”.

We also found the background sound used in both the videos is same. Upon comparing both the videos, we can conclude that the both the videos are same. We also found the full-length video from the same channel uploaded on 11 August 2020. The description says, “Starlink cosmic train passes over Poland! Flight satellites Starlink at night 10.08.2020 at 3:13.”

According to a BBC report, SpaceX started launching starlink satellites in 2019. Starlink project provides internet services via a huge network of satellites revolving around the earth in Low-level orbit. It is aimed to provide highspeed internet to people living in remote areas. At sunrise and sunset, they are visible to the naked eye because the sun glints off their wings, creating problems for astronomers. There have been numerous reports of people spotting this Starlink satellite trains across the world. They can be seen here.

Recent visuals and media reports about Starlink satellite train spotting in Uttar Pradesh can be seen here, here, and here. To know more about Starlink, visit here

To sum it up, an old video of Starlink satellite train is shared as recent visuals of the same from UP’s Farrukhabad


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