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No, these visuals do not show making of plastic eggs


A video which appears to be showing the making of plastic eggs is being widely shared on social media platforms as if these are being traded in the market as real ones. We have even received the same on our WhatsApp tipline, enquiring about the authenticity of the video. Through this article, let’s look into the authenticity of the video.

Claim: Visuals showing making of plastic eggs.

Fact: These are old visuals from China. These visuals show making of egg like toys meant for children. When the same visuals went viral on Chinese social media platforms back in 2017, the concerned Chinese authorities clarified that visuals does not show making of plastic eggs but toys. Earlier in 2018, FSSAI also ruled out rumours related to plastic eggs.  Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Reverse image search coupled with keyword search yielded multiple 2017 Chinese news articles that reported the same screenshots (here, here & here). According to one such article, these very visuals were circulated on Chinese social media platforms claiming these eggs are being sold as real eggs

However, as the video went viral, Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau clarified that these visuals show making of egg like toys meant for children and not any fake egg making. A screen shot of the clarification is also shared.

Further, the article reported that these toys are available on Chinese e-commerce platforms and shared the screenshot of these toys available on one such e-commerce platform. These products carry a similar logo as on the eggs shown in the viral video.

Few other Chinese news articles that debunked the same video can be read here and here.

Thus, it is evident that the viral video is at least five years old and these visuals actually show a toy making but not plastic eggs.

Earlier FSSAI clarified on such plastic eggs:

Earlier in 2018, when similar rumours about such plastic eggs were circulated,  FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) released a ‘Guidance Note’ to bust the myths about the plastic/ fake eggs. The document released by FSSAI reads, ‘Plastic eggs or artificial eggs are a myth mainly due to the fact that there is no technology available to produce a plastic/artificial egg that would perfectly resemble a natural egg’

Later, commenting on fake videos and irresponsible reporting on food safety, the then CEO of FSSAI, Pawan Agarwal, said that, ‘such news creates fear amongst public at large and erodes their confidence in the food control system in the country.’ He pointed out a few such instances including the false scare on issues of plastic eggs and plastic rice.

To sum it up, these visuals do not show making of plastic eggs.


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