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No Scientific evidence to prove that Ghee Used in Homas/Yagnas Produces Propylene Oxide, Essential for Rain


A social media post claiming that ghee used in Homas/Yagnas produces a chemical compound known as Propylene Oxide, which is supposedly essential for rain, is being shared on social media. This article aims to fact-check this claim by examining the scientific evidence and exploring the process of rain formation.

Claim: Ghee used in Homes/Yagnas produces Propylene Oxide, which is essential for rain. 

Fact: Burning ghee and wood during Homas/Yagnas primarily release carbon dioxide and other gases, not Propylene Oxide. Additionally, no scientific evidence supports the notion that Propylene Oxide is essential for rain formation. Therefore the claim made in the post is False.

Combustion of ghee and wood

When ghee, which is made of fatty acids, is added to the fire altar during Homas/Yagnas, along with wood burning, carbon dioxide and other gases are released (here and here). 

The combustion of wood (here and here) primarily produces carbon dioxide and water vapour, not Propylene Oxide.

Rain formation process

Rain is formed when clouds become saturated with water droplets, which then fall to Earth (here and here). This process does not involve the presence or importance of Propylene Oxide.

Cloud formation occurs when water vapour condenses on tiny particles, such as dust, salt, bacteria, or pollution, known as Cloud Condensation Nuclei. (here, here and here).

Role of external agents in artificial rain generation

In artificial rain generation techniques, various compounds are used to induce precipitation (here, here and here). These can include substances like common salt, silver Iodide, dry ice (a solid form of carbon dioxide), calcium chloride, etc. However, Propylene Oxide is not among the agents used for artificial rain formation. (here)

Propylene Oxide’s properties and uses

Propylene Oxide is a volatile liquid used to produce polyethers and propylene glycol. While it has various industrial applications, it is not recognised as a rain-forming agent or an essential component of rain formation.

To sum up, the claim that ghee used in Homas/Yagnas produces Propylene Oxide, which is essential for rain, is false.


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