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Kiran Bedi’s breakfast meeting with Indira Gandhi was not for issuing challan to her car


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with a claim that Indira Gandhi appreciated IPS Officer Kiran Bedi for checking her car during election campaigning as a part of her duty, but an IAS Officer Mohammad Mohsin was suspended by Narendra Modi who searched the former’s helicopter during an election campaign. Let’s try to analyze the veracity of the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim 1: Indira Gandhi as a token of appreciation, invited IPS Officer Kiran Bedi to breakfast for checking her car during an election campaign

Fact: Kiran Bedi never issued a challan on Indira Gandhi’s car during any election campaign. The photo in the post was the one taken when Indira Gandhi invited Kiran Bedi for breakfast for leading the 1975 Republic Day Parade. Hence, the post is MISLEADING.

When the photo of Kiran Bedi with Indira Gandhi was run through Google Reverse Image Search, it was found in Kiran Bedi’s tweet posted during the anniversary of Indira Gandhi in 2018.

On further searching for any news regarding issuing a challan to Indira Gandhi’s car by Kiran Bedi during any election campaign, no such incident was reported to have been taken place. One incident involving Indira Gandhi and Bedi was that the car of PMO was towed for parking in a restricted area. Bedi was the DCP of Delhi Police during that time. Even Kiran Bedi clarified the same in her latest tweet on April 22,2019. While the car towing incident happened in 1982, the photo was taken in 1975.

Finally, an old photo of Kiran Bedi with Indira Gandhi is being circulated with false claims.


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