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Image of Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) is shared as that of AIIMS, Bilaspur


In the context of recently inaugurated All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Bilaspur, an image is being widely shared on social media platforms with a claim that it shows AIIMS, Bilaspur. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Image of AIIMS, Bilaspur.

Fact: The image doesn’t show recently inaugurated AIIMS, Bilaspur. It is of Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE

The viral image contains the acronym ‘XMUM’, in front of one of the buildings. Taking cue from this, we searched online and found that XMUM is the short name for Xiamen University Malaysia. It is a private University located in Malaysia setup by Chinese Public University in 2016. The brochures available on the University’s website carries the same image. They can be seen here and here

The satellite images of this University can be seen here.

Images of recently inaugurated AIIMS Bilaspur can be seen here.

To sum it up, image of a Malaysian University is falsely shared as that of AIIMS, Bilaspur


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