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Government is inviting you to Participate in ‘Digitizing India’ & Make money in the process


Digitization of government records is an age old problem plaguing the governments. While most departments at both the central & state level have spent thousands of crores on digitization, substantial number of government records are yet to be digitized. Now the government wants to crowd source the entire process of digitization. It has launched the ‘Digitize India Platform’ as a part of the Digital India Initiative.


Digitization of government records has an important role to play in effective governance. For many years now, governments have been mandating departments to digitize their documents. Despite all these efforts, digitization of legacy government documents has not taken place at the pace it was supposed to. Even in cases where the digitization took place, the documents were simply scanned in most cases making them non searchable. This mere scanning in fact goes against the principles of open data. Most departments have already spent thousands of crores on digitization of records. Now, the government wants to crowd source this entire process by seeking the help of citizens in digitization of government records. As a part of the Digital India initiative, the government has now launched the ‘Digitize India Platform’.

What is it all about?

As per the description in the website, Digitize India Platform (DIP) will provide digitization services for scanned document images or physical documents for any organization. The aim is to digitize and make usable all the existing content in different formats and media, languages, digitize and create data extracts for document management, IT applications and records management. DIP provides an innovative solution by combining machine intelligence and a cost effective crowd sourcing model. It features a secure and automated platform for processing and extracting relevant data from document images in a format that is usable for meta-data tagging, IT application processing and analysis.

The Three Stakeholders

The government has identified three important stakeholders namely the User Organization, the Digital Contributor & the Platform Operator.

Government departments, Public Sector Organization and Autonomous bodies can become a user organization and utilize this platform. A user Organization can submit their records for digitization to platform operator. The records should preferably be in a scanned image format. However, organizations who wish to submit physical records will have to pay for scanning separately.

The scanned images are then shredded into snippets with meaningful data. The following process is followed for the scanned documents.

  • All scanned images are shredded into snippets with meaning full data
  • Shredding done as per Organizations requirement for data digitization
  • Documents meta data information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the document

Digital Contributors

Any Indian citizen with an Aadhaar Number can become a Digital Contributor (DC) and perform simple data entry tasks on the DIP. For every verified and correct task performed, the Contributor will earn reward points. They can redeem the reward points into monetary value or donate them to the Digital India initiative. The contributor is served random snippets by the platform.

Platform operator

The platform operator will help in the on boarding of user organization, pre-processing the scanned document images, creating templates for pages being digitized and delivering the digitized data to the user organization. Platform operator will also remunerate the Digital Contributors for their earned reward points. The following is broadly how the platform works

  • Randomly serves snippets to contributors
  • Snippets are matched for converted data in the match engine
  • Correct entries get reward points for each correct words digitized
  • Platform organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors
  • Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

How does it work?

Any Indian citizen who wishes to become a contributor can sign up with the platform. A valid Aadhaar and Bank account are mandatory for signing up. The following are the prerequisites for any contributor.


Once the user registers, he/she can take an assessment of data entry & language proficiency. One can also practice to hone his/her skills.

Once the assessment process is complete, data to be digitized will be sent to the contributor as images. He/She is supposed to enter the data as they see in the image and submit.


The platform will then approve the submitted work and the contributor will keep earning reward points for each approved work. The reward points will then be converted to earnings and then transferred to the contributor’s bank account.


The platform also has a mobile application. Those with a smart phone can download the mobile application and continue data entry even on the move. All that one needs is access to the internet.

The PaaS solution for digitization of records

The Government believes that this is an innovative cloud bases PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution for digitization and hopes that more and more organizations will use the platform for digitizing their records. As on date, there are more than 4000 registered contributors. More than 1.7 lakh documents are scanned and more than 16 lakh snippets were served by the platform. The government is calling it ‘Pixel to Data’ transformation.


The entire process is captured in this video.


About Author

Rakesh has been working on issues related to Right to Information (RTI) for a decade. He is a Data/Information enthusiast & passionate about Governance/Policy issues.


      • Sir, I Logged in Bus When open workspace it shows Snippets ha exhausted.
        So why I do sir.

        • prakash.c.kannur on

          sir,when i open workspace it shows snippets are exhausted please try again later,this problem is since 15days whether it is rectified are it will continue, so please reply.

  1. September 16, 2015
    Eight days ago, on September 8, 2015, I sent my grievance to the PMO office regarding the present state and working of the Digitize India Platform.
    Today received a SMS stating:
    “Your grievance with Registration Number – PMOPG/E/2015/0090897 has been Disposed of. Visit j= for details.”
    When I visited the website I saw the following reponse from the PMO:
    Grievance Status
    Status as on 16 Sep 2015
    Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2015/0090897
    Name Of Complainant : TV Antony Raj
    Date of Receipt : 08 Sep 2015
    Received by : Prime Ministers Office
    Forwarded to : EGoverance
    Contact Address : Electronic Niketan
    Grievance Description :
    September 8, 2015
    Honourable Sir,
    We happily welcome your efforts to help the downtrodden in India, through revolutionary innovations in digital technology. But after innovating these schemes, have you reviewed what is happening to those brilliant ideas of yours? Are they being implemented by your government officials as you had envisaged them? For example, take the Digitize India Platform (DIP). You want us to join our hands to digitize India with the help of the Digitize India Platform. Yes, we are ready and many of us have enrolled as contributors.
    I am 74 years old with no source of income. My wife and I live on what my sons give us for our day to day food expenses. When I saw the Digitize India Platform program launched by you I joined it on July 22, 2015. Then, when I saw the potential of this program, I told many of my friends, who are like me financially not sound, to join the program. Now, they too have enrolled as contributors.
    From the time we started participating in the program, we have come across a lot of annoying problems. The main annoying factor is that we are unable to contact the DIP personnel to let them know the problems we encounter. The Email address that is given on the website, namely does not exist.
    From the beginning of joining this program, when we started entering data, we were confronted with the annoying “Unable to save” message very often? We got almost 30 to 40 “Unable to save” messages for every 100 snippets that we entered and the completed counter tally did not increase. We found that we were wasting 30 to 40% of our time in vain while entering data.
    Also, the Dashboard does not show the statistics of our performance and has not been updated in the past 18 days from August 24, 2015 onwards. So, we are now in a quandary not knowing whether the snippets that we have completed have been credited to our accounts or not.
    Sir, do you know or were you made aware of the fact that the DIP website instead of being an online 365 days x 24 hours internet agency has now come to a standstill?
    Sir, are you aware that for the past one week, no work has been provided to the contributors?
    On the Dashboard page the following is displayed:
    All the snippets have exhausted. The DIP Team is working on generating the snippets from the documents. The snippets will be made available soon.
    On the workspace page, we get the message: “There is no captcha found for you, please try again later.”
    There is no response to our queries from any quarters about the workings of the DIP. In fact, The email address does not exist. How long will we have to wait for the snippets to stream in once again? Why didn’t the intelligent guys at DIP foresee the fact that the contributors who enroll for the program would be efficient and type feverishly?
    Does the DIP have enough documents to scan to feed the eager contributors?
    Does the DIP have enough machinery and active and diligent personnel to scan the documents? When will we see the statistics of our performance on the Dashboard once again or have the stats been erased inadvertently by some guy tinkering with the database?
    Now we wonder whether the personnel and the programmers involved in running the Digitize India Platform are really capable of doing their duty.
    Sir, is there any intention of closing down the Digitize India Platform? If so, why not make a public statement that the DIP is a failure and all the contributors who have enrolled will look for other avenues of revenue.
    If not, can you please ask the concerned authorities to look into the workings of the DIP and rectify the anomalies and bring peace to our minds and constant income?
    Current Status : CASE CLOSED
    Date of Action : 16 Sep 2015
    Details : The subject matter of the above grievance is not directly dealt by DeitY,CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd(CSC-SPV) is dealing with subject matter. The grievance has been transferred to CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd and it stand disposed from our end.
    Then the site displayed :
    Please Give Your Valuable Feedback
    Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor
    and a box to write our “valuable feedback”.
    I ticked “Poor” and gave the following comments:
    “I addressed my grivance to the PMO office because the DeitY and the CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd(CSC-SPV) did not take any action whatsoever.
    Your response is like sending a person from pillar to post. I thought the buck stops at the PMO, and the necessary instructions for action to be taken would be sent to the Digitize India Platform. I am highly dissatisfied with your response.”

    • sir
      same problem is face to me………..last weak of august to till date its problem facing me.And i am reedem my point also but they dont give money to me………i am register on june……after august the snippet is not available………..same problem is facing every one

      • Jaydipsinh Puvar on

        I already have created account but didn’t get any work from DIp.
        Will u suggest me any idea please?

        • Mr.Brij
          Please donot start blaming without going in to the depth of the problem.
          I got registered in feb 17.with all required details filled in like adhar/pan no/bank detail etc adhar duly linked with bank .
          I earned some points equivalent to Rs.400/- I requested to redeem then on 23/3/17 and I got payment on 3 April 17 in my bank.As they directly credit in your account and inform your in wide your massage in your account Your request is proceed.

          so please log in to your account of digitize India web site and check.check your account of bank which you have suggested.

          complete all processes mentioned above,

          Lac of work problem is everywhere and we have to wait for that and whenever it is available work for more hours. Please consider this has a side
          Please not that I was not any special person for then but I followed all steps while registering with then and given all details they have asked.

  2. Dear Sir,
    This is Dinesh appealing you few words for your esteemable action please.
    On registering on the site Digitizeindia only i had once oppurtunity to work that too very slow loading of the images or snippets, although i have high speed broadband connection. Secondly, from many days the page does not give any work or loads the snippets just loading symbol appears and popup comes as “There is no captcha found for you, please try again later.”

    This issue is from many days. Please it may be sorted out at the earliest.

    I am eager to work for India in this way but my support should not go in vain please.


  3. I think the DIP is totally failed….
    I registered to the site almost 1 month back and didn’t get any work since then….
    Only alert message
    All the snippets have exhausted. The DIP Team is working on generating the snippets from the documents. The snippets will be made available soon.
    sent email to but no reply..

    My request to everyone do not waste your time in this…

  4. I got registered with this site 2 months ago. I didn’t find any snippet there. It always shows the alert message
    “All the snippets have exhausted. The DIP Team is working on generating the snippets from the documents.

    The snippets will be made available soon.”

    I think its total waste of time. No work is with our government. From last two months , I daily logged in to this site and don’t find any snippet.

    Is there any possibility of getting work here?

  5. Ajay Kumar Samariya on

    I think its nothing but just the trick to connect Aadhar with Bank and also to enroll with Aadhar.

  6. I have registered for digital contributor and done some work in august 2015 but there is no work since 1 september 2015 i received message there is no captcha for you try later. all snippets have exausted the dip team is working on the same. the message is since september i thought that there is problem to me only but i have now read comments above. Governemt is enrolling contributors without any work for them.there is not ant platform for contributors to discuss their problems.There may be delay but contributors should be replied to their grivence.

  7. sir we are tried many times to sign up but we cant, is this fraud, it telling aadhar number is not authentication, after that i tried to sign up with out addhar number even thouhg i failed to registred

  8. this is fake
    i didn’t recived any amount on my bank i earned 2933 rewards and its going two weeks
    its dosen’t converted into rupees.

  9. Balwant Chavhan on

    I earn 3000 points and i request for payment but how much take time for payment i don’t recieve any payment yet

    • Veerabhadrararao on

      when does the rewards show up. is it right after closing the workspace or will it take some time to reflect after closing the work space.?

  10. i have done for 1000 captchas but dip is not give to any points. what is the ration for thish plz ans..

  11. Dear Team,

    Dear Team, I started working with Digitize India from last two days. I have the fallowing queries.

    1. For each correct captcha how much amount we will get?

    2. For 2500 rewards points how much we will get in Rupees and how much time taken to credit in the bank account once we redemption?

    3 . At what time we have to redemption of reward points and when the payments credited to bank?

    4. Some times the site became very slow. The provided support number is not related to this site when we called to this number they are telling the same.

    Request your support on the same.


  12. how much day it take point to transfer to bank account i need to know i have already redeem my point but i didn’t get it yet.


    “snippets have exhausted” this message is appearing from last 4 days. can anyone tell me what this mean? is the data is finished or having some technical issues?

  14. Neetu Adhikari on

    i only got the work on first day of my registration and after that it is continuously showing “snippets is exhausted, plz try again later”.. can you guys plz tell me that is it really working or just wasting our time..??

  15. This is to bring to the notice of dip authority that since 11th Nov. 2016 the website problems have been started in various ways. I have following up with the helpline no. mentioned on the website. But I am sorry to say that I am not getting positive response from the call attending person from time to time.I have been told that there is some problem and the the web maintainance work is going on and will be solved within 3 to 4 days. After 4 days calling I have received the same reply and this time I have been told it will take 8 to 10 days. When asked for the Higher and Responsible Authority’s gmail or contact no. I did’nt get the email or the contact No. for communication to know the exact updates and specific answer to resolve the difficulties. Hope the problem will be solved at the earliest.

    • One important news, someone of our group ( ) called CSC, and they said system up gradation, thats why no snippet and no payment till now. First time when he called on 7th dec they told him that it will be fixed within 15 days. but when he called again they told it will be fix soon and working as expected from next year. Hope it will solved

  16. I have redeem my point since last month Oct 2 but yet not got any money from this site what’s happening can any one tell me

  17. i redeemed on 02/11/16 for 1,00,000 reward points , till date the money has not transferred to my bank account. But previous last two months i got payments regularly. pl look into the availability of snippets as well as payments regularly then we will be highly obliged.

  18. i registered on digitize India around 20 days back and also i worked but neither i got the points nor any other information and after two days also i tried to work on digitize India but while uploading the work it’s always shows ( Snippets have exhausted. Please try again later ) .

    if any one can help me kindly suggest me so that in future i can do the work and also could become a member of digitize India .

    i will be very thankful to you guys for helping me.

    my email id is -:
    contact no -: 9899793064

  19. DIP is totally fail not getting any work to do rubbish not picking up always showing line busy.Sir u should guide properly what we have to do no information about work always showing snippets have exhausted pls try pls check this carefully and let us know what we have to do properly.

  20. its totallly fake cause i start working on dip till july or aug 2016.. i never get my payment and aftersome time snippet have exhausted problem occur in my id which is not resolve till yet so it is totally fake its a trick from gov. to fool us…

  21. sir,
    i also ragistered this platform but i dont do any work becose when i login this platform all ways come the snippest have exsasted so icant do any entry plese tell me this problem how can sollwed

  22. i think if possible then directly ask modi sir that how is it possible to earn money in this platform



  25. when i click load workspace in Snippet language
    image not showing and everytime open blank page


  26. hi, my login password is not working & forgot password is not got what is the problem where the password is attear help me

  27. Debasree bhattacharjee on

    I have no adhar card so plz voter I’d obsn is must to be applicable for this data entry job you plz done it

  28. prakash.c.kannur on

    snippets have exhausted try again later,when this problem will solve please tell me

    • prakash.c.kannur on

      snippets have exhausted try again later this one showing since 15 days,when it will be solved tell me if it is working or not otherwise we are unnecessary wasting time in this tell me clearly as quick as possible

  29. I have noticed that since 22/3/17 DIP web site is not opening in my pc. Previous to this I was having very good experience and i worked and collected reword points also.

    All other sites are opening but this is not opening.I am not able to make out what and where is problem please guide me.

    vijay shah

  30. Ashish Panwar on

    I am already registered digital India platform, but there is not displayed snippets, I am linked Aadhar with indian bank. What is the problem, please give clarification.

  31. sir i have registered,but snippets have exhausted can be displayed.what i am doing

  32. i am trying since from last 2 weeks but it is showing the message that snippets have exhausted please solve this problem please……………..

  33. Arun Kumar Prasad singh on

    Sir I am working from a week it shows entries, but not shows accuracy, speed, redeem points. I do not know how can It reflect. Please tell me the procedure to show the above all. Because It would not show since the initial date till now. I am worried it points not shows how can i redeem points, get reward.

  34. indranil chanda on

    my aadhar card is valid but they filed to verify and showing “Aadhar authentication not successful”.

    so let me tell what should I do for such problem…

  35. is this online earning job is not existing now..if is possible to do it, how to do this..its showing not secure..

  36. lavanya mithilesh on

    the site cannt be able to login,it shows that the site is under maintanance,when it will be back to normal?

  37. the site should be construction … can u tell me when will open signup page … all guys are waiting