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Now Six (6) berths in Garib Rath 3AC reserved exclusively for Women


Here is a roundup of some of the important changes made by Indian Railways in the past few months. Women have now been earmarked six(6) berths in Garib Rath 3AC. Railways has also decided to discontinue pasting paper reservation charts on train coaches at certain stations. The Railways has also replaced the word Blind, Deaf & Dumb in its proforma for concession certificates.


Indian Railways frequently issues commercial circulars to notify important changes to the reservation system, facilities provided to passengers etc. Here is a round up of the important changes notified in the last few months.

Berths reserved for Female passengers in Garib Rath 3AC
At present, the following reserved accommodation is earmarked for female passengers.

  • In sleeper class, a reservation quota of 6 berths in Mail/Express trains is earmarked for female passengers irrespective of age, either travelling alone or in a group.
  • In all trains with sleeper accommodation, a combined quota of 6 lower berths per coach in sleeper class and 3 lower berths per coach in 3AC & 2AC for senior citizens, female passengers of 45 years of age & above and pregnant women. In the case of Rajdhani, Duronto & fully air conditioned trains, the number of lower berths to be earmarked is 4 lower berths per coach instead of 3 in other trains.

Now, the Railways has earmarked 6 berths in 3AC class of all Garib Rath trains exclusively for female passengers irrespective of age while travelling alone or in a group.

The Railways has also modified the logic for the utilization of this quota. Only female passengers will be booked against this quota till the preparation of the first reservation charts. Further, at the time of the preparation of the first reservation charts, any unutilised quota will be released to waitlisted female passengers either travelling alone or in a group of female passengers followed by senior citizens. The Railways has also put out a list of facilities it is providing to female passengers.

No more pasting of Reservation Charts on train coaches in A1, A & B category stations
The Railways has also announced that pasting of reservation charts on train coaches will be discontinued in all A1, A & B category stations as a pilot for a six month period that started from 01st March. Physical/digital charts will continue to be displayed at the platforms. The Railways has also asked those stations with electronic display to discontinue pasting these charts on platforms as well. Based on the feedback & comments during the pilot period, the scheme will be extended to all stations.

Replacement of words Blind, Deaf & Dumb in concession forms & proforma
In line with the practices elsewhere, the Railways has decided to replace the words blind, deaf & dumb with the new words that describe the nature of disability. These changes will be seen on the concession forms and the proforma for the disability certificate.


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