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Gautam Gambhir’s alleged comment on Virat Kohli is fabricated


A statement allegedly made by Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer, is circulating on social media, attributing a specific commentary to him about Glen Maxwell’s double century in the ongoing Cricket World Cup. The statement claims that Gambhir said, “Virat Kohli would have taken singles on 195 if he had been there. But Maxwell chose to hit a six. That’s what makes him different.” Through this fact-check article, we aim to verify the authenticity of this claim.

Claim: Gautam Gambhir made a comment comparing Virat Kohli and Glen Maxwell’s cricketing strategies during his commentary stint. 

Fact: Gautam Gambhir denied making such a statement, calling it “bullsh*t” on his social media handle. Also, News 18, credited with originally posting the statement, issued an apology, suggesting the claim is False.

To verify the facts behind the viral claim, we started with a keyword search on the internet, which led us to Gautam Gambhir’s X handle. Here, Gambhir rubbished the claim, tweeting, “What bullsh*t! When I say something, I say it openly.” He further asked for the source of the quote or an apology.

Responding to Gambhir’s tweet, News 18 issued an apology on their social media handle X. Gambhir responded appreciatively to this prompt action and expressed his disdain for verified handles spreading false information for monetary gains.

To sum up, the quote attributed to Gautham Gambhir regarding Glen Maxwell’s double century is proven false, as per Gambhir’s statement and News 18’s subsequent apology.


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