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Fraudulent website is collecting user data in the name of Oppo phone giveaway


A social media post containing the link of an unknown website is being shared on social media claiming that users will get a new Oppo Phone for participating in a simple Quiz.

Claim: Website giving away new Oppo phones for Quiz participants.

Fact: This website is fraudulent and is not related to Oppo. All the contests and giveaways of Oppo are conducted on their official social media channels and official websites. Moreover, National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal advised users not to share Personal information with unknown websites, as it may lead to cybercrimes. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

First, we found that the URL of the website doesn’t belong to Oppo. Then, We searched the website & social media handles of Oppo India but couldn’t find any relevant information regarding this phone giveaway. Moreover, Oppo India mentioned that all its contests and giveaways will happen on their social media channels.

We then found that this fraudulent website asks for the personal data of the users for participation in the contest.

However, according to National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, one should not share personal details with any unknown website or person, as it may lead to various cybercrimes.

To sum it up, fraudulent website collecting user information in the name of Oppo phone giveaway.


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