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Amit Shah didn’t mistreat Advani at the BJP National Council Meet 2014


Many Facebook users are sharing a post  with a photo in the upper part that portrays as if BJP President Amit Shah has mistreated LK Advani and a video in the lower part that strengthens the claim made. Let’s try to analyze the veracity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim 1: Amit Shah disrespected LK Advani at the BJP National Council Meet.

Fact: The video in the post is a truncated part of the original video taken during the BJP National Council Meet-2014. On watching the prior and later parts of the video, we can conclude that the post is MISLEADING.

When the searched for the ‘BJP National Council Meet’ on Google, the full version of the video can be found in the search results. When the video is watched at the time of 21min 30 secs, one can clearly see that, Amit Shah appears to be asking Advani to address the meeting sitting on the chair, but Advani proposes to address the gathering from the podium. So, Shah points towards the direction of podium to Advani, who then walks over to the podium and makes the speech. The video which was viral on social media was truncated at that specific time to mislead viewers.

Finally, Amit shah didn’t mistreat Advani at the BJP National Council Meet 2014.


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