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A video of a helicopter take-off is shared as visuals of the Kedarnath helicopter crash


A video is being shared on social media in which visuals of two helicopters on helipads can be seen. One of those can be seen taking off while the other is still on the helipad. The post’s hashtags #helicoptercrash #helicrash #kedarnathelicoptercrash #kedarnathcrash and the text on the video ‘Kedarnath Heli cash’ indicates that the video shows the recently crashed helicopter in Kedarnath. Let’s verify this video through this article.

Claim: Visuals of the recent helicopter crash in Kedarnath on 18 October 2022.

Fact: The video does not feature any helicopter crash; it just shows a helicopter take-off from a helipad. Reportedly, the registration code of the helicopter that crashed on 18 October 2022 is VT-RPN which is different from the one seen in the video with registration code VT-BSG. Hence the claim made in the video is FALSE.

The viral video can be found on the Google map visuals of Kedarnath helipad in Uttarakhand. The location of this video matches with a few other videos shot in Kedarnath’s helipad.

But this video does not show the helicopter that crashed. The helicopter in this video is registered as VT-BSG, while the crashed helicopter’s registration code is VT-RPN. Based on the visuals of the chopper shown in various news reports (here and here), Factly has noticed that the tail colour of the crashed chopper is blue, while the chopper that takes off in the viral video is yellow in colour. Videos related to the Kedarnath chopper crash can be seen here and here. The viral post misleads its viewers by terming it as the visual of the Kedarnath chopper crash. In reality, it’s just a video of a random helicopter take-off from Kedarnath helipad.

To sum up, a video of a helicopter take-off is shared as visuals of the Kedarnath helicopter crash.


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