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A behind-the-scenes clip of a TV series/movie is shared as visuals of an actual wounded police officer.


A video of a woman police officer who seems to be wounded with her uniform visibly stained with blood is being shared on social media as actual visuals. The post’s description reads ‘Desh ke liye jina hai’ which translates to ‘one should live for their country.’ Let’s find out the facts behind this video through this article.

Claim: This video shows a wounded police officer.

Fact: The visuals seen in this clip are not real. This is a behind-the-scenes clip of a TV show/movie shoot. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To learn more about the viral clip, we performed a reverse image search on the internet using a few of its keyframes. This search led us to a post on the video-sharing website Moj that contained the viral clip.

The user @asppal_22 who uploaded the video also uploaded a few other videos featuring the same woman (police) seen in the viral clip. In these videos, one can observe the camera and lighting equipment (here and here). In one of the videos (here), the woman in police uniform can be seen reading lines from a scene paper. In one of the videos (here), a man can be heard saying ‘Why are you making BTS..’ 

The Moj account, @asppal_22, which uploaded these videos, in the description of their account mentioned “Crime Pe(a)trol 2.0”, which is a true crime series that airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

Although we could not find out the TV show (we could not verify if this is a BTS clip of Crime Patrol)/movie that this BTS clip belonged to, since the videos uploaded on @asppal_22’s Moj account prove that these clips are the BTS footage of some movie/TV show, it is safe to assume that the viral clip does not show the visuals of a real wounded policewoman.

To sum up, this video does not show a woman cop lying down in a wounded state, this is a BTS clip from a fictional TV series or a movie.


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