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Video of Youngsters Misbehaviour at Women’s Colleges in Madurai is shared with a false Communal Narrative


A video is being shared on social media claiming it as visuals of Muslim boys eve-teasing Hindu girls and assaulting a parent who came to pick up his daughter outside a women’s college in Tamil Nadu. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of Muslim boys eve-teasing Hindu girls and assaulting a girl’s parent in front of a women’s college in Tamil Nadu.

Fact: The video shared in the post shows visuals of two different incidents that took place recently near the premises of the Lady Dock College and the Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Madurai Police arrested all the accused youth involved in both these incidents and shared their details through Facebook posts. None of the accused in both these incidents is a Muslim. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE

The video shared in the post shows two different video clips. Let’s find the details of each video clipping one by one.

Video clip 1:

On reverse image search of the screenshots in the video, a video with similar visuals was found published by the ‘Thanthi TV’ YouTube channel on 03 November 2022. This news channel reported it as the visuals of youth trespassing into a girl’s college and misbehaving with the students in Madurai. Reporting the complete details of the incident, the ‘Times of India’ news website published an article on 05 November 2022. TOI in the article reported that Madurai city police have arrested nine youths who forcibly entered the Lady Doak College and harassed students on Thevar Jayanti on 30 October 2022.

Madurai Police published a Facebook post informing the details of the incident and the arrest of the accused. Madurai Police informed the public that a case has been filed on this incident at the Tallakulam Police station and that they have arrested the 10 people involved  in this incident. Madurai police mentioned the names of the ten accused as Surya, Muthu Navesh, Arunbandian, Manikandan, Sethupandi, Manikandana, Pearl Vignesh, William Francis, Vimaljoy Patrick and Arun.

Video clip 2:

On reverse image search, similar visuals were found in an article published by ‘Times Now’ on 05 November 2022. ‘Times Now’ reported it as the visuals of a student’s father being brutally attacked by a group of youngsters in front of the Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College in Madurai. According to the reports, a mob of youngsters brutally assaulted a parent, who came to pick up his daughter from Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College, for questioning their behaviour in front of girls while they were following a funeral procession. Madurai police arrested 6 people involved in this attack under the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Woman Act and other sections.

Madurai Police through a Facebook post informed the details of the accused who were involved in this incident that took place on 04 November 2022. Madurai Police detailed the arrested six youths names as Satish Kumar, Ramamurthy, Naveen alias Nagapiriyan, Ajit Kumar, Somasundaran, Sivaganam. Going by the names of the accused and their father’s details mentioned by the Madurai police, none of the accused in these cases is a Muslim.

The FIR copies of both these cases were presently blocked on the Tamil Nadu Police website. Reacting to these recent mischievous activities of youth in front of women’s colleges, Madurai Deputy Commissioner N. Mohan Raja told the media, “In the wake of the recent ruckus created by youth in front of women’s colleges in the city, parents of the youngsters who had misbehaved will be given counselling along with their wards.” It is nowhere reported that the youth involved in the ruckus outside these women’s colleges in Madurai were Muslims.

To sum it up, a recent video showing the ruckus created by a few youths in front of Madurai’s women’s colleges is shared with a false communal narrative.


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