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Video of Brazilian Police taking down an alleged knife-wielding-man is being linked to ‘Lockdown in Italy’


A video of Police taking down a person and handcuffing him is being shared on social media with the claim that the video is from Italy and the Police have done so because the man has come out on to the streets despite the lockdown in the country. Let’s check the authenticity of the claim about the video.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of Italian police taking down a man who has come on to the streets despite lockdown in the country.

Fact: The video is from Brazil and it shows Police taking down an alleged knife-wielding-man in Sao Paulo on 19 March. So, the video has nothing to do with Italy and the claim is FALSE.  

When the screenshots of the video were subjected to reverse image search, the same video was found in a tweet put by National Media panelist of BJP urging Police to do the same by announcing lockdown in the country.

But few users have commented that the video is not of Italy and is that of Brazil. A user in his comment has even enclosed a news report of that incident in the video.

As per that article on ‘Hoodsite’ website, on 19 March, Military Police (PM) of Brazil have taken down a miscreant who had allegedly threatened people with a knife at Avenida do Estado in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The Military Police have later arrested him and registered a case on him.  So, the video has nothing to do with Italy. The same can also be known from the article of Brazilian news agency ‘Globo’.

Due to Coronavirus, Italy is in lockdown with restrictions in place since 09 March. Recently, on 22 March, the Italian PM has prohibited any movement in the country as the death toll had exceeded 5000.

To conclude, a video of Brazilian Police taking down an alleged knife-wielding-man is being shared as ‘Lockdown in Italy’.

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  1. John Bicknell on

    Agree this seems to be made up information, HOWEVER, what makes this so believable is that this is exactly what would happen if it occurred in Italy!
    How do I know?
    I lived in Italy for 8 years and have worked in close association with their their Carabinieri