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Video of a scuffle in Jordanian parliament misattributed as an attack on an Israeli Official


A video currently circulating on social media portrays an altercation between a group of men. It is being shared with a claim that it shows an Israeli official being beaten. This article is a fact check of this claim.

Claim: Video of an Israeli official being beaten.

Fact: The viral video in question shows an altercation involving Jordanian parliamentarians from 2021, and has nothing to do with any Israeli official. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To determine the veracity of the video, a reverse image search on keyframes from the viral clip was conducted. This led to the discovery of several news reports from December 2021 (here, here, and here) concerning a tumultuous event in the Jordanian Parliament characterised by heated arguments, which ultimately resulted in a fistfight.

The Guardian described the incident in an article, stating, “Scuffles broke out in Jordan’s parliament where lawmakers were discussing a proposed amendment to the constitution on Tuesday. Heated arguments degenerated when MPs began pushing and shoving each other during the session in Amman”.

This investigation clearly disproves the social media claim that the video represents an Israeli official being attacked.

To sum up, the viral video featuring a scuffle between men in suits does not show an Israeli official under attack but rather a fistfight from the Jordanian Parliament from December 2021.


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