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Video claiming IAF Fighter Pilot Abhinandan dancing with the Pakistan Army and Air Force is an Old Video


Some pages on Facebook posted a video claiming that IAF fighter pilot Abhinandan who was captured by Pakistan army was dancing with them. This is going viral. Let us ascertain the veracity of these claims.

Claim: Captured Pilot Abhinandan Dancing with Pakistan Army

Fact: We can find the same video uploaded on YouTube even before the capture of Abhinandan. So, the claim is FALSE.

When we reverse searched few frames obtained using Invid tool, we found out that there are similar videos uploaded on YouTube at different times and one such video was uploaded on YouTube by Zee Creation on 23rd February 2019, much before the capture of Abhinandan by Pakistan forces.

Hence the claim that Abhinandan is dancing with Pakistan army doesn’t hold any truth in and all such claims are false.


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