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TMC MLA’s clash with BJP workers in Bengal is being shared as an incident from Bihar


A post is being shared on social media with a post description that reads ‘… It’s not even one day the alliance ended and BJP receives its share of Hatred in return.‘ This post is shared in the context of JD(U) ending its alliance with the BJP in Bihar. A video accompanied by the post shows a group of people beating others travelling in an autorickshaw decorated with BJP flags. Let’s fact-check the claim through this article.

Claim: BJP supporters were beaten in Bihar just one day after their alliance with JD(U) ended.

Fact: This video shows an incident that took place in West Bengal. The visuals show TMC MLA Asit Majumdar’s clash with BJP workers in Hoogly District’s Chinsurah. Since an incident in West Bengal is shown as Bihar’s, the post is MISLEADING.

After searching the internet with relevant keywords, we found two social media posts with similar claims. They can be seen here and here. In the comments section of the second post, which was posted on Twitter, we found a comment by Mohammed Zubair of Alt News, which says that the video is from Bengal.

With this hint, we further refined our search and found a few News reports related to the incident in Bengal. A report from ‘Times Now’ contains the same video as the viral post. Reportedly, TMC MLA Asit Majumdar and his supporters beat up BJP workers after they allegedly heckled and stopped his car.

Other news reports about this incident can be read here, here and here. A video story on the same incident by Times Now can be watched here. Hence, it can be concluded that the incident happened in West Bengal, contrary to what the post claims.

To summarise, TMC MLA’s clash with BJP workers in Bengal is shared falsely as an incident from Bihar in the context of JD(U) ending its alliance with the BJP.


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