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This video of Rahul Gandhi speaking incoherently in an interview is edited


A tiny interview clip of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is being shared extensively on social media. He can be seen giving a muddled response to the interviewer’s question: “No matter the result, you will keep going?” Let’s check the truthfulness of this clip through this article. 

Claim: A video clip of  Rahul Gandhi giving an incoherent response in an interview.

Fact: This is a distorted video. Video clips from Aaj Tak’s 2014  interview with Rahul Gandhi were edited out of context to make this video. Hence, the claim made in the post is Misleading.

Firstly, we performed a keyword search on the internet to find the interview from which the viral clip was extracted. This search led us to a 2014 interview of Aaj Tak with Rahul Gandhi titled “Rahul Gandhi gets candid on Aaj Tak – Full Interview.”

After watching the interview, we observed that the viral clip contains several moments from this almost 28-minute-long interview stitched together to make it appear like Rahul Gandhi had given muddled answers. 

In the order of appearance in the viral clip, the following moments at these timestamps were used to create it.

  • 26:35 Rahul- “Karoonga aap dekhna” Interviewer- “Chahe result kuch bhi ho aap dekh lenge, yehi kahenge” 
  • 12:23 Rahul- “Mein laga hua hoon”
  • 12:40 Rahul- “Laga Hua hoon, laga rahunga, aur meri soch hai,ki agar anth mein jeethna hai”
  • 13:15 Rahul-”Ye jo aap jacket pehna hua hai, joothe pehne hue hai
  • 12:51 Rahul – “Inko badalna hai” Interviewer- “ Kaise? Badalne se kya (the last word is unintelligible) Rahul- “Mein aap ko batata hoon”
  • A few expressions that appear at the end were picked from here: 12:58

To sum up, various clips from a 9-year-old interview were stitched together by manipulating the context to claim that Rahul Gandhi was speaking incoherently in an interview.


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