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This video does not show a strange creature found in a sea; it is a 3D model created for a TV Show.


A social media post shares a video of a creature lying on a table, describing it as a strange human-like creature captured in a Sea. Through this article, let’s find out the fact behind this video.

Claim: Visuals of a strange human-like creature captured in a sea.

Fact: This is a 3D modelled creature designed for the HBO Max TV Show ‘Raised by Wolves.’ Hence the claim made in the post is False.

Upon conducting a reverse image search on keyframes from the video, we discovered a TikTok post by Smooth-On, a company known for manufacturing casting materials. The TikTok video showcased the same visuals as the viral video, but with a different context. The description of the TikTok video explicitly mentioned that it featured a creature created for the HBO Max TV show “Raised By Wolves” at the Dreamsmith. Dreamsmith is a company that produces props, 3d Printed models etc. (here and here)

We then skimmed through the official Instagram page of Dreamsmith and found that it was indeed created by them in collaboration with another artist named Furio Tedeschi. Tedeschi posted two videos (here and here) on Instagram and tagged Dreamsmith. These two videos are the same ones the viral post shares.

To sum up, visuals of a 3D modelled creature created for a TV show are falsely claimed as a strange creature found in a sea.


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