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The notice asking people to restrain from sharing political posts is not issued by the government


A video is being shared by many Facebook users which run with a narration that Government of India’s Crime Prevention Council of India has issued a notice asking people to restrain themselves from sharing political posts on any social media platform ahead of the 2019 General elections. Let’s try to analyze the authenticity of the notice and claims made in the video.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Indian government’s affiliate, Crime Prevention Council of India has released a notice asking online users to abstain from posting political propaganda content before the elections 2019.

Fact: The notice is issued by the Crime Prevention Council of India, an NGO that works towards reducing crime in the country through awareness programs and workshops. The government of India has nothing to do with it. Hence the claims made in the video are quite MISLEADING.

The name of the organisation ‘Crime Prevention Control of India’ might make one think that it is affiliated to the government but it is actually the name of an NGO. When visited the website address in the notice “cpcindiaonline.com”, a letter addressing this issue was found in the ‘News and Events’ section. In the letter, its Chairman S K Pandey has clearly mentioned that CPCI is an NGO that works towards reducing crime in the country. He further went on to clarify that the notice with reference no. 0322 was not issued by the organisation but by a faulting officer Narendra Singh, who had been sacked for doing so.

Lastly, the notice is not issued by any affiliated organisation of the government of India but it’s from an NGO.


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