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The movement of gym equipment in this park is not due to any Ghost


Video of a gym equipment moving on its own at a park is being widely shared on social media claiming that people’s souls had started wandering in Delhi. But FACTLY has found that the video was taken at a park in Jhansi (UP). When the video went viral claiming a ghost was exercising, Jhansi Police tweeted that due to the excessive amount of grease, the equipment is moving for a few seconds after it is touched once. They said in that tweet that some miscreants have recorded the video after touching the exercising equipment for once and there is no paranormal activity. Jhansi Police in another tweet, have also uploaded a longer video which shows the equipment moving for a while after it is touched by a policeman. 

1. Facebook post (Archived)
1. Jhansi Police Tweet1 – https://twitter.com/jhansipolice/status/1271646518521413632
2. Jhansi Police Tweet2 – https://twitter.com/jhansipolice/status/1271701267232903168

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