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The man who stabbed a girl in Mukherjee Nagar is not a Muslim


A series of screenshots and a video (here, here and here) related to a stabbing incident in Delhi have been circulating on social media. The incident involved a man named Aman attacking a girl with a knife in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar. The posts claimed that Aman is a Muslim and the girl is a Hindu, suggesting a religious motive for the attack. This fact-check article verifies this claim. 

An archived version of this can be found here and here.

Claim: The man who attacked a girl in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar is a Muslim. 

Fact: The North West Delhi Police have identified the attacker as Aman Singh, son of Brij Kishore Singh, who is Hindu. Thus, the claim made in these posts is False.

To verify the viral claim, a keyword internet search was conducted using the details provided in the posts. This search led to several news reports (here and here) about the incident, which reportedly occurred on 22 March 2024. Multiple news outlets have shared (here and here) a CCTV video of the attack.

According to the Times of India, the attacker was identified as a 22-year-old man named Aman, who attacked a woman after she ‘mocked’  him. 

The incident occurred in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.

To further confirm the religious identity of the attacker, we reached out to the office of DCP North West Delhi. SI Rajesh and his team informed us that the attacker is not Muslim. His name is Aman Singh, and his father, Brij Kishore Singh, is Hindu. They also revealed that the girl’s name is Sana. Aaj Tak also reported, after contacting Delhi Police, that the Deputy Commissioner of Police, North West Delhi, Jitendra Meena, confirmed that the boy is a Hindu and the girl is Muslim.

To sum up, the claim that Aman, the man who attacked a girl in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar, is a Muslim is False. 


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