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The ‘Heavy shelling along LOC’ video is an old video posted 8 years ago


Some pages on Facebook posted a video with the title ‘Heavy shelling along LOC”. The video is being shared by many people in the context of current war like situation between the two countries (India and Pakistan).  Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post

Claim: The video shows the heavy shelling happening currently along the Line of Control (LOC)

Fact: The video posted on Facebook is an old video posted 8 years back on YouTube with the title ‘Awesome Machine Gun firing at night’. So, the claim is FALSE.

When the keywords ‘bullet firing’ and ‘night sky’ are searched on YouTube, the video being shared on Facebook will appear in the search results. The video is titled ‘Awesome Machine gun firing at night – Tracer Rounds’ on YouTube. The time stamp on the video shows that it has been uploaded 8 years back. So, it is no way related to the recent conflict.

Finally, the video posted on Facebook as shelling along the LOC is an old video from 2011.


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