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Sachin Tendulkar – MP Progress Report


Sachin Tendulkar Rajya Sabha Attendance - MP Progress Report InfographicSachin Tendulkar might be a legend when it comes to cricket. But as his MP Progress report shows, he seems to have come a cropper when it comes to performance in parliament. His attendance so far has been dismal and on an average, he is getting paid Rs 6.3 lakh per day of attending parliament. This is more than what the BCCI used to pay him as match fee for a day of playing cricket


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  1. hey god of the cricket, you have shown us one more miracle and created another record; we are so thankful to you that you have shown so many things in one life. Hope you will continually amaze us in future 😛

  2. This is really terrible on his part. And the fact the his daily salary (or for that matter, for an MP) is so high, questions his original idea of joining the parliament. Did he join for the country or for himself?