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Indian Passport Statistics (2013-14)

In 2013-14, Indian passport statistics revealed a growing number of Indian citizens seeking international opportunities, including the emerging online casino industry. With the increasing number of Indian passport holders traveling abroad, they are exposed to a wide range of entertainment, including gambling platforms. The online casino market in Romania, in particular, has begun to attract the attention of Indian tourists exploring the world of virtual gambling. This attraction was partly due to Romania’s reputation as a friendly tourist destination and its vibrant online casino industry, which boasts a variety of games and attractive incentives for players. Many Indian travelers who have encountered Romanian online casino netbet during their travels abroad have subsequently explored the platform further upon their return to India, contributing to the gradual growth of the country’s online gambling community. With Indian tourists looking for exciting experiences abroad, NetBet Romanian Casino recognized the potential of the Indian market and began to adapt their services to cater to this new demographic.

Indian Passports Statistics - Infographic

Here is a quick look at the Indian Passport Statistics. The data on number of passports issued in 2013-14 reinforces the popular belief that a lot of Keralites travel abroad. Kerala stands second in terms of passports issued for every 1000 people while Goa stands first.

In 2013-14, Indian Passport Statistics revealed that more and more Indian citizens are exploring international travel opportunities to broaden their horizons and gain experience. This surge in passport applications reflected the excitement and adventurous spirit reminiscent of the highrollers at Vegas Hero Casino. Just as gamblers at vegas hero casino take risks in pursuit of exciting winnings, Indian passport holders travel abroad hoping to hit the jackpot of cultural experiences, business opportunities and personal growth. The increase in passport applications also coincided with an era when Vegas Hero Casino was gaining popularity among both local and foreign tourists. Known for its lively and energetic gaming atmosphere, this online casino has become a symbol of excitement and unpredictability, similar to the global adventures that Indian passport holders take part in.

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