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Women Harassments on Indian Trains – Security Helpline


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There has been an increase in the number of reported cases of harassment of women/girls in the running trains, which is also partly because more and more victims are coming forward to report such incidents and the police is also proactively registering such cases. 24X7 Railway Security Helpline 1800-111-322, Escorting by Railway Police Force, Electronic Surveillance using CCTV cameras are some efforts taken by the government to deal with harrassment of women in trains.


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  1. Hello ,
    If someone can help , kindly help females.
    There are ladies coaches in trains but no police securities are there. It’s like a general coach.

    Rupali Garg

  2. Hello
    Yesterday , I was travelling in night in sleeper class, I had mental harassement and threatening from a traveller near me. I was really worried and frightened, there was no one to help me to tell this . Other passengers where not even bothering. only after 2 hours, I could get the help of the TTR and police. Its really
    threatening experience , and no one should come across these again.Police and other officials, please be alert and have a regular check up.

  3. Thanks for sharing these details. It really helped me to escort my mother and another lady safely while travelling. They were getting harassed co-passengers.
    Really Appreciate by heart.