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Photo showcasing multiple transportation modes in a single frame is digitally edited


A photo is making the rounds on social media platforms, showcasing a frame with four distinct modes of transportation: rail, road, water, and air. The claim attached to the photo asserts that it was taken in Rajahmundry. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: A photo featuring four modes of transportation – rail, road, water, and air captured in Rajahmundry.

Fact: The photo is edited. Although the photo was captured in Rajahmundry, the original photo does not contain an aeroplane. Hence, the claim is misleading

A reverse image search on the photo shared in the post led us to a Facebook page called ‘Our Rajamahendravaram,’ where the same photo was posted in November 2021. The caption for the post reads, “4 modes of transportation in one pic. Beautiful edit.” The photo credit is attributed to an Instagram account with the handle ‘Aurobindo_sf.’

Further investigation revealed that the Instagram account belongs to a railway enthusiast named Gopii. In October 2021, Gopii uploaded two versions of the same photograph on Instagram. The first version, which is identical to the viral photo, features all four modes of transportation. However, the second version does not include an aeroplane. The post’s description clarifies that the aeroplane was digitally added and that the version without the aeroplane is the original photo. 

The post’s hashtags confirm that the picture was taken on the Godavari Bridge in Rajahmundry. Additionally, The Print previously debunked this photo when a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shared it with the false claim that it was captured in Uttar Pradesh. The evidence gathered from various sources clearly indicates that the photo has been edited and is being presented as genuine.

To sum up, the photo circulating on social media featuring rail, road, water, and air transportation modes is an edited image. 


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