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No evidence to suggest that this list of tips are the recommendations of an International Cancer Conference


A social media post claiming as the summary of the ‘International Medical Conference on Malignant Diseases’ held in Berlin on 03 August 2022 is being widely shared on social media. Let’s fact-check the claim made in the post

Claim: Summary of the International Medical Conference on Malignant Diseases held in Berlin on 03 August 2022.

Fact: The same post has been circulating on social media since 2017 claiming it to be the summary of different international conferences. However, we couldn’t find any such summary reports from the World Cancer Conference and German Cancer Congress websites matching with the list of alleged health tips in the post. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We searched the web with relevant keywords and found that the same post has been going viral since 2017. In the post shared on 15 November 2017, it is shared as the summary of ‘conference on malignant neoplasms’. In another post shared in June 2022, there is no mention of the conference date.

We also searched on various search engines whether any cancer conferences were held in Berlin by that name but couldn’t find any. The German Cancer Society and German Cancer Aid conduct various conferences regarding cancer research in Berlin every two years. But we couldn’t find any such list of Dos and Don’ts from their previous conferences as claimed in the viral post. Moreover, the last German Cancer Congress was held on 19-22 February 2020 and next one will take place from 13-16 November 2022.

Also, according to the World Cancer Congress website, they never conducted an event in Berlin. The last ‘World Cancer Congress’ was held in Malaysia on 01-04 October 2018.  And the next event will be held at Geneva, Switzerland on 18-22 October 2022.

We have also checked the summary reports of previous World Cancer Congress but couldn’t find anything similar as claimed in viral post. They can be seen here and here and here

To sum it up, there is no evidence to state that the list of alleged health tips contained in the post are the summary of an International Cancer conference held in Berlin.


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