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Luppo Cakes shown in the video do not cause paralysis. Also, they are not sold in India


A video is being shared on Facebook with a claim that a Chinese company, Luppo, has released cakes in India with tablets hidden inside the cakes which cause paralysis in children. Let’s try to find out the authenticity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Luppo, a Chinese company, hides tablets in their cakes which cause paralysis in children.

Fact: ‘Luppo cakes’ shown in the video are sold only in Iraq. ‘Sölen’, a Turkish company that manufactures Luppo cakes, has clarified that it has not added any tablets to the cake. Also, their manufacturing process prevents the presence of any such tablets. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

When the information about Luppo cakes in the post was searched on Google, it was found out that the same message went viral in other countries too. In an article written by Snopes regarding this issue, it can be read that the officials of ‘Sölen’ (a Turkish company that makes Luppo cakes) has mentioned that there is no truth in the post. In the same article, the documents showing the production process, contamination safeguards, safety certifications of the ‘Sölen’ plants were given, which indicates that no foreign object as shown in the video is present in Luppo cakes. Furthermore, a spokesperson for ‘Sölen’ has also clarified that several filtration systems used in the manufacturing of Luppo cakes blocks particles greater than 700 microns in height or width. Also, the product is sold only in Iraq.

From an article written by a Turkish media company, ‘Teyit’, it is understood that the punctured marks on the cake surface indicate that the tablets were inserted by someone into the cake before reopening the pack.

To summarize, the Luppo cakes shown in the video are not sold in India. Children don’t get paralysis after consuming Luppo cakes.

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