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JNV & KVS ahead of the rest in CBSE results


In the recently released CBSE Class X & XII results, the JNV and KVS fared better than other schools with a higher pass percentage than the rest. Girls did better than the boys while the southern region came on top in both Class X & XII.


Factly had earlier reported that the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV) and Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVS) have consistently outperformed even the private schools in CBSE Class X and XII results. The results in 2016 have followed a similar trend.

Close to 99% pass percentage in Class X for JNV & KVS

In 2016 class X results, the overall CBSE pass percentage is 96.21%. However, the pass percentage of KVS and JNV is almost 2.5% more than the average at 98.85% and 98.87% respectively. The pass percentage of Independent (private) schools is 97.72% while the government schools have the lowest pass percentage at 86.61%.

pass percentage of CBSE Class X 2016

JNV & KVS way ahead of the rest in Class XII

The quality of JNV & KVS is much more evident on Class XII results. While the overall pass percentage is 83.05% in 2016, the pass percentage in JNV & KVS is 12% more than the average. Pass percentage of JNV is 96.69% while that of KVS is 95.43%. The pass percentage of private schools is 82.4%, slightly less than the national average. The government schools have done relatively better in Class XII. The pass percentage of government schools in Class XII is 83.85%, more than the national average.

pass percentage of CBSE class XII 2016

Girls ahead of the Boys

Girls have outperformed Boys even in 2016. In Class X, the pass percentage of girls is 96.36% compared to the 96.11% of boys. The difference is even starker in Class XII. Girls with a pass percentage of 88.58% are way ahead of the boys pass percentage of 78.85% in Class XII.

Even in the individual top scores in Class X, girls outperformed boys. 14.34% of all the girls scored a perfect 10 CGPA while only 10% boys scored a perfect 10. While 28.72% of the boys scored above 9 CGPA, 36.08% of the girls scored above 9 CGPA.

percentage of students by CGPA CBSE Class X 2016

South leads the rest of India

In both Class X and Class XII, the pass percentage in the south was way higher than the rest of India. Both Thiruvananthapuram & Chennai regions lead the pack. In Class X, the pass percentage in Thiruvananthapuram is 99.87%. Chennai is a close second with 99.69%. Guwahati region’s pass percentage is the lowest at 83.79%. This is the only region with a less than 90% pass percentage in Class X.

pass percentage by region in class X 2016

In Class XII, Thiruvananthapuram is at the top with a pass percentage of 97.61% followed by Chennai region with a pass percentage of 92.63%. These are the only two regions with more than 90% pass percentage in Class XII. The lowest was again Guwahati with just 68.24%. The pass percentage in Patna, Dehradun & Allahabad regions is also less than 80%.

pass percentage by region in class XII 2016



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