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Videos related to Airsoft game and foreign military training shared as the training visuals of the Indian army


Update (02 November 2022)

Another video is being shared on social media claiming it is the camouflage training video of the Indian army. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video showing the camouflage training provided for Indian army soldiers.

Fact: The video shared in the post shows the visuals from an airsoft game. A tiktok handle belonging to ‘Airsoft CamMan’ published this video. ‘Airsoft CaMman’ is a Britain-based airsoft content creator company. The video does not show the Indian army training visuals. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE. 

On reverse image search of the screenshots of the video, a video with similar visuals was found published by a TikTok user named ‘zippkey1204’. This user published the video crediting to ‘Airsoft CamMan’. ‘Airsoft CamMan’ is a Britain-based Airsoft content creator company. Similar camouflage snipers videos were found published on this TikTok handle and on the official social media handles of ‘Airsoft CamMan’. They can be seen here, here and hereAirsoft is a team game in which participants eliminate opposing players by tagging them out of play with spherical plastic projectiles shot with mock air weapons called Airsoft guns. From all these pieces of evidence, it can be concluded that the video shared in the post shows visuals from an Airsoft game, not the training visuals of the Indian army.

Published (17 October 2022)

Video of a man wearing a combat uniform catching a snake while crawling in a jungle is being widely shared with an overlaid text of “Indian Army”. Let’s verify the claim made in the video.

Claim: Indian soldier catching a snake with his hand while crawling in jungle.

Fact: An extended version of the video was uploaded by an Indonesian YouTube channel “Calon Prajurit”. The video shows the training video of an Indonesian soldier belonging to Indonesian special armed forces. The channel also features several Indonesian military training visuals. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

We did a reverse image search and found that an extended version of the viral video was uploaded by a YouTube channel called “Calon Prajurit”, which means ‘soldier candidate’. The video was uploaded on 14 September 2021 with the title “TNI SI HANTU RIMBA” (TNI The Jungle Ghost). The description of the channel and video, written in Indonesian also indicates that the channel shares all things about the Indonesian National Army.

The channel also contains several training videos of Indonesian special armed forces. Some of them can be seen here, here and here. However, we couldn’t independently verify whether the snake was a real one or not.

According to Wikipedia, Kopassus also called as Hantu Rimba (Jungle Ghost) is an Indonesian Army special forces group that conducts special operation missions for Indonesian Government. More about it can be seen here.

To sum it up, visuals of training belonging to Indonesia military are shared as Indian soldier catching a snake with his hand.


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