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Incorrect specifications of Tata Evision electric car are being spread.


Of late, a post claiming that Tata Motors had launched an electric vehicle called Evision which once charged can run up to 1000 km is doing rounds on social media. Also claiming that the battery warranty is for 10 years, the post is viral on social media. The single charge 1000 km is a world record. Let’s fact-check the claim made in the post.

Archived version the post can be seen here.

Claim: Tata motors has launched a new electric car named Evision, which on one charge can run up to 1000kms which is a world record. Also, the warranty for the battery is for 10 yrs.

Fact: Tata Group showcased the Evision car whose design is based on omega architecture back in 2018 in Geneva Motor show. There is no information about the battery and warranty for the battery on the company’s website. Also, the commercial production of the vehicle has not started yet. Speaking to Times of India, company CEO said the concept is technically feasible but commercially not viable. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

When we ran a search on the internet using the keywords tata motors evision, we found that the car was showcased in 2018 Geneva Motor Show and the design is based on OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) architecture. The same information is available here and here. Hence it is clear that the image which is going viral is an old one.

As far as the battery and warranty for the battery are concerned, Tata Motors has not mentioned anywhere about these aspects of the vehicle. There is also no mention about these aspects of the vehicle in the product note and specification sheet of evision which can be found on their website.

When the same claim went viral in 2018, many have debunked these false claims which can be read here and here. Suresh Rangarajan, the then Head of Corporate Communications at Tata Motors, has also clarified that “fake news that has been travelling far and wide – no such announcements made by the company. Someone’s imagination running wild.”

Also, this is a concept car. Regular production of the car has not yet started and the information regarding future production is not known. Recently in January 2020, speaking to Times of India about the company’s electric plans, Guenter Butschek CEO & MD, said that they had launched an electric vehicle based on omega architecture in Geneva 2018 and suggested that the concept is technically feasible but not commercially viable.

To conclude, incorrect specifications of a concept electric vehicle are being spread attributing the success to the vision of Ratan Tata.

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