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Electoral (Voter) slips, not fake ID cards, were found during the police raids in Bengaluru


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with videos alleging that a huge racket involved in preparing fake voter ID cards for Muslim voters was busted in Bengaluru. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Police busted a racket in Bengaluru that involved in the preparation of fake voter ID cards for muslim voters and arrested Youth Congress National Secretary Ibrahim.

Fact: The police during their raids at Prabhat Complex in Bengaluru seized electoral voter slips from a group, not fake voter ID card. So, the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

When searched on YouTube with keywords ‘Fake Voter ID Card Racket in Bengaluru’ for any such incident, the coverage of India Today dated April 15, 2019 can be found. According to the article, voter ID slips were found from an alleged gang in Prabhat Complex in Bengaluru.  As per the Election Commission rules, it is not illegal to print voter slips without any party symbol on it. On looking for further information regarding the incident, an article from Deccan Chronicle dated April 17, 2019 was found. In the article, it is clear that CEO of Karnataka Sanjeev Kumar had clarified regarding the items that were found by the local Police and Election commission flying squad during the raids. He disclosed that voter slips with the symbol of Congress party were found and a case was booked on Congress worker Ibrahim as it was not legal.  

To sum it up, voter ID slips with the symbol of Congress party were found from the Prabhat complex raids and a case was booked on Congress worker Ibrahim. The items found were not voter IDs as alleged in the post.


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