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Drinking warm water does not completely cure these health ailments


Social media platforms are abuzz with a post that claims that drinking warm water will resolve several health issues including epilepsy, asthma, joint pains, migraines, among other problems. The treatment is claimed to be validated by Japanese doctors. Let us now verify the veracity of the claims in the post.

Claim 1: Warm water is 100% effective in resolving health issues including epilepsy, asthma, joint pains, migraines, high blood pressure, among other problems.

Fact: While hydration is good for overall health, there is no direct scientific evidence to prove that warm water can cure any health ailments. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Japanese water therapy is the practice of drinking several glasses of water every day on empty stomach first thing in the morning. There are several benefits of drinking warm water including healthier digestion, body detoxification, improved blood circulation, reduced pain, soothe nasal congestion, aids muscle relaxation & reduce stress levels, among other things. However, there is no scientific research to corroborate the direct correlation between drinking warm water and curing any of the mentioned ailments. While health conditions such as migraines, asthma, blood pressure, cough, etc. thrive on dehydration, this does not imply that hydration or drinking warm water will cure these ailments. For instance, warm water does not have any impact on ailments such as cholesterol since cholesterol does not dissolve in water.

On the other hand, applying a hot compress or soaking in warm water is one of the oldest and safest forms of complementary therapies for migraines, joint pains, discomfort, among other physical ailments. While warm water is likely to provide temporary relief to certain ailments, there is no other evidence to support the claim that it can cure any of the ailments listed in the post. Similar fact-checks can be accessed here and here.

Claim 2: Cold water affects internal walls of stomach and large intestines and results in cancer.

Fact: There is no evidence to prove that cold water can cause cancer or affect the stomach linings. Therefore, the claim is FALSE.

The post further claims that cold water is bad for health and affects the internal walls of the stomach and large intestines. This in turn will result in cancer. Most medical sources do not include drinking cold water as a cause of any damage to the stomach lining or intestines and neither is it listed as a risk factor for cancer.

It is believed that cold water solidifies the oily food we consume which will, in turn, react with stomach acids and convert them into fats. These fats are then accumulated on intestinal walls thus, leading to the development of cancer. However, it must be noted that the beverages consumed whether hot or cold, will quickly stabilize the body temperature.  Moreover, fat deposition occurs in the blood vessels than the digestive tract. Therefore, the proposition that fats get accumulated on the stomach and intestine walls is incorrect. Similar fact-check can be accessed here.

In fact, drinking cold water has its own set of benefits including reducing the rise of core temperature especially during physical activity, improved performance, and during hot environments. There is no scientific evidence otherwise to suggest that drinking cold water is bad for people, except that it may aggravate the common cold. orflu.

In summary, cold water can neither cause cancer nor can warm water cure any major health ailments. At best, warm water can be used as a complementary therapy for temporary relief.


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