DECODE | S3E1 – Do we actually have rules for loudspeaker usage in public?


Modern life comes with many complications. To help you navigate through the labyrinth of rules in this age and also to make you aware of your rights as a citizen of India, we bring you Season 3 of Decode by Factly. This time, it’s all about life as we know it–noise pollution, women’s rights, fuel consumption, and lots more

We have all probably had a loudspeaker or public procession impact our lives in some way or another. And we often feel helpless in such situations. But what if we told you that you don’t have to? In this video, we look into the rules around processions and the usage of loudspeakers in public, and what the Indian citizen’s rights in these contexts are.

Police WhatsApp numbers for a few metros in India:

  • Bengaluru City Police – 9480801000
  • Kolkata Police – 7044550000
  • Thiruvananthapuram Police – 9497975000
  • Mumbai Police   Central – 9833346182, East – 7045757272, West – 9987093065, North – 9302100100, South – 9869933536
  • Cyberabad Police  – 9490617444
  • Hyderabad City Police  -9490616555
  • Amritsar City Police- 9914098144
  • Goa Police- 7875756110
  • Salem City Police- 9087200100
  • Indore Police- 7049124445

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Sai Santosh is an engineer by education and a liberal by conviction. He is a Sudoku junkie and meditates through solving the Rubik’s Cube. He is passionate about public policy and advocates for social justice.