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Unrelated bicycle sculpture visuals are shared as that from Panchavarna temple in Tamil Nadu


Update (27 May 2022):

Another picture is being shared on social media claiming it is a 2000-year-old bicycle sculpture designed on the walls of Panchavarna swamy temple in Tamil Nadu.

However, we found that the photo shows a wooden sculpture carved on a palace door by Dada Areogun, one of the greatest artists of the Yoruba art in Nigeria. ‘BBC’ published the photo of the bicycle sculptured wooden carved door with a description, “Wooden door panel carved by Dada Areogun of Osi village, Ekiti State, Nigeria, 1924”. This palace door shows the sculpture visualisations of a king riding a motorcycle and a horse, holding a sword and a pistol, smoking a pipe, and accompanied by two people carrying boxes full of trade items. Dada Areogun reportedly sculptured this wooden door to visually show that all aspects of society are functioning well due to the king’s ability to rule and his wish to serve his people.

Published (02 February 2021):

A photo is being shared on social media claiming it as the 1300-year-old bicycle sculpture built in Panchavarna temple in Tamil Nadu. Let’s verify the claims made in the post.  

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: 1300-year-old bicycle sculpture created on the walls of Panchavarna Swamy temple in Tamil Nadu.

Fact: The photo shows a bicycle sculpture created on ‘Pura Dalem Jagaraga Temple’ on Bali island in Indonesia. Sculptures in this temple depict the Dutch invasion in the 19th century. The bicycle sculpture in the photo is not 1300 years old and has nothing to do with India. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

On reverse image search of the photo shared in the post, a similar photo was found on ‘Tripadvisor’ website. On the website, it is mentioned as the sculpture built on the walls of ‘Pura Dalem Jagaraga Temple’ in Bali island of Indonesia.

When we searched for this temple on the internet, we found similar sculpture photos referring it to ‘Pura Dalem Jagaraga Temple’ in Indonesia. They can be seen here, here, and here. We can see a similar sculpture in a video showing the inside view of ‘Pura Dalem Jagaraga Temple’.

The carved sculptures on ‘Pura Dalem Jagaraga Temple’  is a testament of Dutch invasion in 1849. More information about this temple can be seen here and here.

Earlier, when similar images of bicycle are shared with the same claim, FACTLY published a fact-check article on it.

To sum it up, unrelated bicycle sculpture pictures are shared as that from Panchavarna temple in Tamil Nadu.


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